THE AIFA WORLD- Payments made easy!

Pitch into the world of “AIFA,” where revolutionary changes have been brought to offer transparent, reliable, risk-optimized, and flawless services to its crypto-users in the retail market.

ICO Sale ends.

Please wait for our nft marketplace launch to invest AIFA tokens.

About “AIFA”

A unique cryptocurrency has been developed with cutting-edge technology that will give you the power to stay ahead of the cryptocurrency race- the AIFA token. A peer-to-peer digital currency developed on the robust Binance Smart chain network, managed by a smart contract, and follows BEP-20 token standard. A cryptocurrency developed to offer its services for commercial purposes.


AIFA token will create a dynamic payments gateway that processes transactions faster. Additionally, introducing payment features to different platforms such as Android, iOS, and web, will help make cryptocurrencies a viable medium of exchange.


An aim is to develop a global digitized platform where crypto holders can use cryptocurrencies directly in their daily lives without converting them into fiat currencies in the retail market for real-world usage because digitalization is incomplete without scalability and adaptability.

The AIFA Ecosystem

AIFA world ecosystem strives to make payments gateway synonymous with fast transactions and settlements. This will be accomplished by making use of blockchain technology which allows the quick transfer of data in a secure manner. In the long run, lower transaction time will help make cryptocurrencies a mainstream medium of exchange and potentially compete with traditional fiat currencies. It is offering a brand-new simplified and rationalized way of using cryptocurrencies.

As a payment option, the AIFA token will help promote cryptocurrency adoption to settle everyday transactions. Individuals will benefit from the many advantages associated with the lucrative decentralized crypto ecosystem.

It majorly focuses on solving the biggest problem in the crypto world—the usability of cryptocurrency for commercial purposes. You can easily book hotels, restaurants, flights, and shop at retail stores with the featured-packed and robust cryptocurrency.


The ever 1st user friendly cryptocurrency decentralized exchange. Including blockchain traded fund, secured decentralized blockchain financial p2p messenger, ICO platform and portfolio of inhouse high-end projects for investment

Idea generation and concept validation
Conduct market research and analysis of the target industry and audience
Deployment of AIFA token in Mainnet
AIFA Platform Development
Initiating Marketing Activities
Private Sale
Preparation for Public Sale
Listing of AIFA in different exchanges
Public Sale
Develop NFT marketplace
Launch of NFT marketplace
Aifa tokens will be used for real-world use cases like shopping, booking flights, and much more!

How does it work?

1. To create the initial trading fund, AIFA will organize an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

2. On successful completion of the ICO, the crowdsourced funds will be distributed in a diversified portfolio. The idea behind diversification is to ensure aggressive growth and also insulate the coin holders against volatility emerging from a particular sector.

3. The funds will be supervised by fund managers who possess appropriate experience and skills.

4. The combination of the two factors ensures consistent growth along with complete transparency. Invested participants can inspect the fund’s records at any time without any restrictions.

5. Token holders can also actively participate in the decision-making process. They can help determine the future of the investment fund by exercising their voting rights.

6. At the end of every month, the part of the profits earned will be reinvested back into the platform, while the other half will be distributed among the token holders as dividends.

7. This way, every month, investors can earn a steady flow of income in the form of dividends that will be directly deposited to their wallet addresses.

8. Additionally, individuals can use their AIFA coin balance as a medium of payments. They will be able to settle transactions using crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat options. By eliminating intermediaries from transactions, AIFA will help reduce the transaction fees and provide better privacy standards to the customers.

Token Economies

Token Allocation:
  • Reserved for future decentralization phase (liquidity) 20%
  • Reserved for NFT marketplace 10%
  • Reserved for Initial coin Offering 40%
  • Founders 5%
  • Development and marketing 5%
  • Reserved for staking rewards 10%
  • Airdrops 10%
Token Details
  • Token network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token standard: BEP-20
  • Token name: AIFA
  • Decimal: 8
  • The maximum supply of tokens: 10 Billion


Price increase of the Aifa World will lead to higher discount for our customers Sanisale/Keukensale can offer several installment plan/lease options. Our customers would thus be able to pay a monthly amount and "save" up to the moment they actually need the purchase, while their discount is increasing with the value of the Aifa World.

Since the system is powered by blockchain, transparency into the customers journey is secured. With our other partners teaming up with Sanisale/Keukensale, valuable consumer data will be gathered, making it easier to substantiate strategic marketing and/or business decisions.

Benefits offered by AIFA token

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    Wallet transactions


    Strong and independent


    Loyalty and reward program


Aifa World developers are professionals who have proof of experience of successful work in the field of economics, finance and cryptography.

Mr. Sky
Dr Patcharat Rattanasuthaphaboon
(Co Founder)
Mr Parn Singkham
(Co Founder)
Mr Wallace Gowin
Mr Thatchawut Buaklang
Mr Pattana Phonpattana
Mr Somchai Buddharaksa
Mr Suriyan Sommongkol